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Joseph Bruce Bustillos

Writer. Educator, Technologist

Writer, Digital Storyteller, Face-to-Face & Online Educator, Curriculum Designer, Technology & Learning Troubleshooter

I began this blog as a LiveJournal blog called “Jacob’s Ladder” about 15-years ago when I restarted my personal bible studies after having walked away from the faith for 15-years (the walking away part happening to coincide with my divorce). I was amazed (still am) at the incredible tech/online tools available for biblical studies and I was discovering where I’d so horribly failed before because I never really understood the importance of community. A lot has happened over the course of this blog’s 15-year history.

While I only really dabbled in Ministry as a worship musician/leader a couple times over the course of my faith experience, I have an earned degree in Biblical Studies from Biola University (1981), spent several years as a Religious Studies major at Loyola Marymount University (1978) and as a Masters of a Theology student at Fuller Seminary (1985). So, I come at this topic from a position as someone academically trained to be a biblical scholar and as a very flawed human being. My mom has postulated when I’ve talked around the subject of Faith, that I must think that I’m too superior to need to believe in God. Quite the opposite, I know my flaws very well, thinking I’m smarter than believers isn’t one of them (my Biola, LMU & Fuller professors were very smart people). But do not assume that I haven’t spent rigorous years studying and reflecting on these topics. As the coffee cup states: “Don’t confuse your Google search with my theology degree.”

The mission of this blog, regardless of where I’m at in my life’s journey, remains to post the “Thoughts & Reflections from the Wasteland between Heartfelt Beliefs & the Vulgar Frustrations of Life.”
Joseph Bustillos (2018-01-21)

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