Which Road Are You On? You Should Spend Some Time On “The Road to Edmond”

Which Road Are You On? You Should Spend Some Time On “The Road to Edmond” Just finished watching “The Road to Edmond.” It’s been over a decade since I’ve watched something that centers on telling a “Christian” story. I just don’t have time for stories with two-dimensional characters where the only “honest” people are the brave Christians who, in the end, have all the Bible-based … Continue reading Which Road Are You On? You Should Spend Some Time On “The Road to Edmond”

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Not Missing the Piece

After having a casual conversation with an attractive coworker, I pondered the puzzle of having such amazing friends but my apparent inability to have someone special in my life. Being a bit older I quickly brushed past the comedy that is having sex, and thought about all the other parts of what it means to share a life with someone. What’s the morning routine? Who … Continue reading Not Missing the Piece

Incomplete Beings [short story group]

This week my short story group assignment was to write about a “real life” incident, so I re-edited a previous reflection from when I was beginning treatment for what would later be diagnosed as CIPD. Enjoy(?) April 13, 2012 8PM – Waiting for my MRI for a possible pinched nerve that’s interrupted my life and my sleep for over the past six weeks. The girlfriend … Continue reading Incomplete Beings [short story group]

Easier Living in the Slipstream of Others

I was trying and failing to get up the energy to dive into another session grading student work. I muted the TV during the commercial break and looked over at my computer workstation and thought for a second that I felt bored. But with too much to do both personal and with my job, how could I be bored? Something reminded me that only a couple months ago I was living in a household with five others, three cats and a very loving Irish Setter. I don’t remember a time when I ever entertained thoughts that I was bored. Granted, before my illness I never paced myself and when I was living in the busy household if I wasn’t looking for some way to escape my pain there was always something going on to grab my attention.

In that moment, sitting on my couch looking at the back of my computers, I realized that it was easier back then to live in the slipstream of all those lives, especially when I didn’t have the energy to do anything else. I had fallen into a pattern, I was living vicariously frozen in my own situation. It was easy. It was too easy. Granted, I wasn’t exactly in the position to do too much more than just get through each day and focus on getting better. So, easier was also better.

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Pacing Myself

I’m a lot better than I was even just a couple months ago. I’ve retired the walker to storage in the garage and I’m focusing on not leaning on the cane when I walk. When I wake in the morning I take a quick pain inventory and except for the bottom of my feet still suffering from neuropathy my legs feel really close to normal. But my feet not giving my legs full surface/balance/sensory feedback, so I’m not back to normal and still tire easily. Yesterday I walked my local Costco and Best Buy using my cane and not using an electric cart to ride or even regular cart to lean on. That wasn’t too bad. But when I stopped at a local sporting goods place to try on some five-finger shoes I really had to use my leg muscles to get my feet and all five toes into the correct position. The very helpful sales guy, Mike, said that getting the shoes on the first time was always the toughest. He wasn’t kidding. I almost gave up when it seemed impossible for me to get my little toe AND my big toes in their proper alignments at the same time. But like I said I muscled my way into them and was surprised at how comfortable they were, well, the left one was and the right one was a bit too tight. But after struggling to get them on I wore them out of the store and the rest of the evening.

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Treatments Begin

Day One Done The IV has been unplugged, a little sock put on my hand to protect it over-night and the nurse has left for the day. Well, I survived that one with a lot of hand holding by Tricia and support from her family (and all my friends reading this and sending your well-wishes). So far no side effects, no additional discomfort and not … Continue reading Treatments Begin