Meaning v Things

DailyRandomShit for 2016-09-03: Meaning v Things Someone posted a lovely post purporting to have been written by Steve Jobs. Alas, it was not actually written by Steve Jobs per ( We don’t need the death-bed conversion of a tech icon to understand that things don’t replace meaning. The struggle for all of us is to live and do the things we believe are meaningful … Continue reading Meaning v Things

Kats – Too Soon Gone But Ever Here

What is it about the holiday season that insists on compressing so much good and bad into the same moment? I couldn’t make it to California so when my siblings got together at mom’s place Saturday I arranged to video-chat with them. I was a little disappointed to find that older sister, Kathie, wasn’t in attendance. I was told that Kats wasn’t feeling too good … Continue reading Kats – Too Soon Gone But Ever Here

Late Christmas with a Little Angel

I had a belated Christmas visit with my son and grand-daughter. When I got there at first little Elena had just fallen asleep for her afternoon nap. Damn. So we visited for a bit and did our gift exchange (I was the courier for my siblings getting gifts to Michael, Tina and baby Elena). Well, we could only hold out for so long and eventually … Continue reading Late Christmas with a Little Angel